Changebot Kate

A digital accomplice in transformation. Helps navigate safely through the storm of change. Is always there and motivated to stay tuned through sophisticated storytelling. Reminds, keeps information fresh, pushes news and supports personal reflection.
Immer im Rhythmus des Nutzers und erhöht somit den Transfer wirksam.

Current challenges

Transformation is taking place everywhere in the company. Megatrends in the VUCA world such as digitization and new work require permanent adjustments, own growth phases or market changes, strategy changes or realignments give reason to rethink and restructure things. As a result, the organizations are constantly changing and the people are under great pressure to change.

Good change management and communication, inclusion processes and management support can do a lot to “take” the employees with them. Everyone has to start themselves.

The faster and the better the process succeeds for the individual, the sooner the critical mass is reached and the new really begins to live in thinking and acting. However, the focus on change in day-to-day operations often disappears and it is not uncommon for people to fall back into "old", familiar behaviors.

However, not every change “affected person” can be coached analogously if the personal adaptation process is slow or difficult.


Here, a digital “accomplice of change” can do exactly what a manager cannot be asked to do over a long period of time in day-to-day business: to stay with everyone individually or to support them in staying on and to strengthen their own responsibility.

This "pocket coach" is a bot that remembers, keeps information fresh, pushes the new, supports reflection and gives tips and thus accompanies the individual, personal change process and effectively increases the transfer.

Changebot Kate – Features

Impact factors

  • Targeted “nudges” keep the process alive
  • Dialog format with the personalized bot made easier den Einstieg
  • Targeted questions promote self-reflection
  • Gamification shares promote joy in learning and implementation
  • Tips, tools and know-how enable the user
  • Motivate evaluation of your own process progress and success


  • Relief in the accompaniment of progress
  • Unused communication channel
  • Personal employee loyalty
  • Sustainable anchoring of learned content
  • Evaluation options for collective process progress

Kate's skills

  • Accompanies the individual change process
  • Serves as a hub for all information und Learningplattformen
  • Establishes transfer partnerships and learning communities (analogue on-site or digital) and offers guidelines for collaboration.
  • Gives the possibility to book coaching units

To be there

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