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We open up new worlds in communication. In a world that groans and suffers from information overload, we invent new ways to navigate through the flood. Come with us and let yourself be inspired by a new form of communication.

Storytelling meets Marketing meets E-Learning meets Chatbots.


Where are you all?

A few years ago, email, SMS and forums were the most used communication channels , but this has changed rapidly.
Chat messengers have become extremely popular. And there is a reason: Messenger is a simple and quick solution that everyone understands and can use almost straight away.

Especially the younger generations clearly prefer sending a chat message over other channels.
At the same time, more and more older people are using messenger services.

A brief overview of worldwide user numbers (in million users) 2019:


  • WhatsApp 1.600
  • Facebook Messenger 1.300
  • WeChat 1.112
  • QQ Mobile 823
  • Snapchat 294
  • Viber 260
  • Discord 250
  • Telegram 200

Do you want to get in touch again?

We'll help you get access to your target audience again, your users and your colleagues.

We use the channels on which you are already at home and feel comfortable. In the chat window of your messenger.


Do you want to penetrate digital noise?

With messenger marketing and chat-based content, you can achieve opening rates of up to 90% .

With content specifically designed for chat conversation, gamification, story and personal contact , users stay interested and on the ball.



We are an interdisciplinary, highly flexible team of freelancers.

Strong lone fighters unite even stronger and more effectively.


Our solutions

In our remote laboratory we continuously research and develop new and unusual ideas in the field of messenger, chat, e-learning via messenger and web tools.

We currently have the following services for messenger solutions:







E-Learning Messenger




Current projects


We take part in the give-a-breath challenge of the Fraunhofer Institute and Munich RE. The solution we submitted is a chatbot that can teach medical ad-hoc helpers quickly and without onboarding problems. This means that direct help can be provided at home and the storm on the hospitals can be reduced. Feel free to leave a heart for our solution in the challenge, we look forward to it.


Have you ever been dissatisfied with the storyline of a book?

We too.

That's why you make all decisions with messenger books and thus create your own distinctive story. All of our books are told via text messages in Messenger. The characters communicate directly with you and act according to your suggestions. The story can only be continued with you. Start your own today:

Changebot Kate

Lost in the new world of work?
The changes are overwhelming?

Kate accompanies, teaches, encourages and is always there as an understanding partner when it comes to finding your way and mastering new challenges. In doing so, it brings together existing knowledge and thus also serves as a friendly, competent data portal.



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