Emergency Equipment Education (E3) via Messenger

COVID-19-E3-Helpbot is a chatbot that explains and teaches ad-hoc workers at home how to properly use or build emergency equipment for COVID-19 patients or themselves.

It was developed and deployed during the Give a Breath – Challenge.

Start saving lifes today.

You can start right away using E3 here on this webpage.

Start helping anywhere

You can also chat with E3 on Messenger. It is just one click away

Calling all engineers, makers and medical personnel

E3 is only as good as it’s content.
If you have a solution how to build or use emergency equipment we love to hear from you.
You can upload right away or get in contact with us so we can work together in saving lifes.

Take action now.

Get to know the team and learn more about E3-Helpbot.

Thank you for helping and using E3.

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