Emergency Equipment Education (E3) via Messenger

COVID-19-E3-Helpbot is a chatbot that explains and teaches ad-hoc workers at home how to properly use or build emergency equipment for COVID-19 patients or themselves.

UPDATE 19.04.2020

E3-Helpbot is online. You can try it here and start saving lifes today.

UPDATE 10.04.2020

We are 1 of 3 teams selected for the finals Give a Breath Challenge

In the face of the corona crisis Munich Re and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft are launching a challenge for the purpose of pooling the most capable minds in order to alleviate the consequences for those heavily affected all around the globe.

„Together with you we want to identify the best 3D-printable designs to enable the immediate, decentralised production of emergency ventilation equipment in order to save as many lives as possible.“

Inspired from this call we are participating in the bonus objective: An education platform / methods to successfully train ad-hoc workers how to use „emergency equipment“

We are actively searching for additional team members. Especially in the field of medical device regulation and medical personel. 


Taking into consideration the daily rising numbers of newly infected and even worse, deadly courses, we came to the conclusion that we have to act now and we have to act fast. We think the fastest way  to fight back the virus is achieved by taking already proven and existing solutions, combining and transforming them.


Our solution

We propose a decentralized platform. Accessible from anywhere and also usable with an unstable internet connection. The platform builds on an already established infrastructure.
Furthermore, the platform is easy to use with almost no explanation to achieve an easy onboarding for both the end-users and the personnel who teaches the usage of the medical devices. To this end, a quick translation is provided to reduce misunderstanding.
Due to the fast development of the projects, changes will occur on the fly and should be implemented as fast. Ideally, there will be direct feedback from the end-users. In addition, it is easy to adjust and edit explanations.
Most importantly, the platform has to be implemented very fast with low organizational hurdles.

To achieve these scopes we propose a solution consisting of
2 components:

  1. tool for easy uploading, creating and editing explanation videos. We already use this tool for our products but can open this up for engineers, medical- and teaching personnel.
  2. chatbot solution to reach the end-users with ease and pick them up in a familiar environment, where they already spend a lot of time: in messengersNo need to learn a new tool or plattform for ad-hoc workers. In addition, the chatbot can serve as an inter-connector for the different explanation texts and videos between the end-user and the medical personnel or engineers.

Here is a short demo video of our solution:


For more detailed information please read on:

Features and explanation

1. Video and explanation tool: 

  • With the proposed tool developers can send in videos of the usage or production of non-invasive ventilators, respiratory masks, valves and oxygen tanks etc.
  • The videos can be filmed with any mobile device.
    It is also possible to send in pictures.
  • Videos and pictures can be explained by the developers via simple text input.
    Our tool then transforms this automatically into subtitles as well as audio tracks and the final video.
    Thus the videos are also accessible for illiterate helpers.
  • Subtitles and audio tracks can be translated automatically by our tool in 40 languages eg.:
    English, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, French …
  • The videos can be easily edited and changed. This includes subtitles and audio tracks.
    Thus production is very fast and can be done with very low manpower.


2. Chatbot and messengersolution:

  • We develop a chatbotcharacter that explains the different solutions and how
    to use or produce
  • Accessible on every mobile smartphone, tablet and via desktop.
  • The chatbot can reach out to users via push notifications and make
    them aware of new changes or solutions
  • We can deliver the instructionvideos, pictures and instruction texts via messengers.
  • Messages can be delivered instantly to thousands of users simultaneously in their own language.
  • Since it is not a website users can access the chatbot even with an unstable or
    slow internet connection
  • We can deliver the download links to the videos, data and text documents of the different solutions for offline use.
  • Fast onboarding since almost everybody knows how to chat and use a messenger.
  • Messenger infrastructures are allready in place.
  • The chatbot can be trained in order to help better in individual situations.
  • With our chatbot there is also the possibility to escalate to live-chat if necessary
  • Feedback from the enduser can be send and delivered directly through the chatbot.
  • This feedback function can also be used for trainings and learning tests with quizzes and score systems (gamification).
  • The chatbot can be programmed as a standalone app, however in order to make it
    quickly available we would recommend to use existing messengers such as
    Facebook Messenger, Telegram, even SMS are possible.
  • E.g.: We can potentially reach 1.3 billion Facebook Messenger users globally.
What is necessary to realize your solution by tomorrow?

Since we are using existing infrastructure (messenger apps) and since we have already implemented all tools and using them on a daily basis we can indeed be ready within a day.

As a next step we will develop the chatbot persona, conversational design and logical sequences. After that we can deploy the chatbot to all available channels. A very basic solution can be online within a day.

We have to set up the backend and make our video explanation tool available to the engineers and medical personel. This can also be done within a day.

We then need to implement the learning material. Since we have to work with other companies material and taking into consiceration reconciliation time also with different timezones this might be the most time consuming part.

However the uploading and implementing of explanation videos can be done continuously even when the chatbot is already active and running.

Furthermore, having the material ready, the creating of the video, audiotracks and translations can be handled almost fully automatically and can be done within an hour.

Describe your access to medical, medtech and engineering expertise.

Our team is interdisciplinary, remote and highly versatile with extensive experience, specializing in product- and chatbot development, programming, digital learning, webdesign, marketing, medical device implementation, medical 3D-print, medical engineering and medical intensive care.

Part of our team is from a 3D-print medical device company while others are working actively on the front lines in intensive care and health care.

Our knowledge in marketing and growth hacking will be useful to spread the word to the public.

How can your solution be produced at scale?

Scaling is not a problem regarding the backend or used messenger apps. These are already in use with millions of users.
However, we have to handle the following problems for scaling:

Making the chatbot known to the public (endusers and producers alike):
we have knowledge and tools for growth hacking at our disposal. A lot can be done with almost no budget but in order to get more and fast traction we need funds for marketing costs.
In addition we need funds for a team to monitor and support the chatbot should the need of a human chat operator arise. 

We also need expert personel available to evaluate new emergency equipment and instructions.

Fight back

You want to participate and want to take action fighting back the virus?

We are actively searching for additional team members. Especially in the field of medical device regulation and medical personel. Please do not hesitate to contact us!